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E3 2006: Nintendo DS Lineup Revealed
A list of some of the new titles just announced for the DS.
By Andrew Joy 05/09/2006 21:19:53 PST

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With the U.S. launch of the Nintendo DS Lite only about a month away, Nintendo was sure not forget about their two-screened handheld at their E3 press conference today. After Reggie Fils-Aime touted how the system has “disrupted” handheld gaming, how many units were actually sold and how well its online service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, was doing (1.3 million unique users, 40 million sessions), he went on to say that close to 100 DS games would be coming out before the end of the year. Since you probably have heard of most of them (or, at least you should if you read our site on a regular basis), we’ll only give you a list of the new titles Nintendo will be bringing to the table:

  • Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol – Fast on the heels of his GameCube debut, where he saved the Sanderson family, Chibi-Robo is about do some rescuing on the DS. This time, Chibi-Robo is set in a park where playground equipment has been vanishing and where the flowers have been turned into vicious monsters. Players will return things to normal, building playground equipment, dancing and fighting off enemies with a squirt gun, travel in a variety of vehicles (including buggies and boats) and even take part in some multiplayer activity.
  • Children of Mana – In this latest installment in the Mana series, players must journey out to save the Mana Tree from those who would steal its magic for evil. With hundreds of gems that can be collected and used to personalize their characters, players can either take on the quest alone, with others or even competing against each other in local wireless play when the game comes out later this year.
  • Clubhouse Games – With a large collection of family games, DS owners can connect to seven other players over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or with Multi-card Play or Single Card DS Download Play. The collection of over 20 games includes a variety of card games, board games, darts, billiards and more!
  • Custom Robo Arena – Another GameCube game getting the DS treatment, Custom Robo is a lot like a futuristic battle bots, with players creating, well, custom robots and then battling them in holographic arenas. In the Nintendo DS version, players will use the touch screen to customize their bots, and to get them back into tiptop shape before the next battle, and challenge their friends through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Multi-card Play and Single Card DS Download Play.
  • Diddy Kong Racing DS – Though we actually didn’t get a release on this game, from the other media we have seen (and given the nature of the N64 title of the same name) it seems a lot like Mario Kart. We’ll keep you posted.
  • DK: King of Swing DS – A Nintendo DS follow-up to the Game Boy Advance original, in DK: King of Swing DS, players will use the same simple controls from the first game (namely the shoulder buttons). However, for its DS release, players will have a variety of mini-games and multiplayer – both single card and multi-card – gameplay.
  • DS Air – It’s Top Gun meets Behind Enemy Lines, in DS Air, a game that puts you in the cockpit of a fighter jet out to expose and destroy an overthrown dictator’s second rise to power. The game lets you play with a wingman, too, with co-op play through Local Area Network and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Elite Beat Agents – A secret organization of do-gooders know as Elite Beat Agents are out to help everyone they possibly can, but they can’t do a thing if they can’t groove! Using the DS touch screen, players will trace patterns on while the tunes play – the better you do, the better the mission turns out!
  • Hotel Dusk: Room 215 – Another mystery game from the developers of Trace Memory, you’re a detective trying to find a friend, when your search leads you to room 215 of the Hotel Dusk. You’ll hold your DS like a book as the story unfolds, watching stark black and white character animations over colorful backgrounds, using the touch screen to solve the many riddles that await you.
  • Kirby – Presumably different than Kirby’s earlier outing on the DS (which wasn’t that bad actually), in this unnamed Kirby title players will use the touch screen to manipulate the pink puff’s copy ability, which can affect the environments this time around.
  • Magical Vacation – When the teacher of the Will O’ Wisp magical academy disappears, here students “borrow” a few rockets and journey into space after her. Unfortunately, some of the students find themselves in trouble, too, and what started out as a rescue mission for one quickly becomes a rescue mission for many! As each student joins your party, they bring with them unique magical abilities.
  • Mario Hoops 3-on-3 – We’ve caught brief glimpses of this game, the latest in a trend of Mario sports titles, before, but now we have some real details to dish out. We now know that almost every aspect of these three-on-three ball games will be controlled through the stylus, with players dribbling, passing and shooting with their stylus, though the real challenge may come from collecting coins, which can quickly change the odds. The game will also have Local Area Connection for up to four players, a variety of mini-games and will make use of the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak.
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis – While the last Mario vs. Donkey Kong had the player trying to rescue little Mario dolls, the tables have turned in March of the Minis. In classic Kong fashion, Donkey Kong kidnaps Pauline (from the original Donkey Kong game) and hauls her to the top floor in Mario’s new amusement park. Using the stylus, players must guide the mini dolls (which now include not only Mario, but also Donkey Kong, Toad and Peach) through the obstacle-filled touch screen. Outside of the main game, players can create their own challenges with the level editor, and then share them with others through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team – Rather than dominating Pokemon, in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon you are the Pokemon, taking on a partner as you attempt to save the world by taking on other Pokemon, linking attacks and exploring randomly generated dungeons. Only half a Nintendo DS/GBA game duo, Blue Rescue Team (DS) can connect with Red Rescue Team (GBA).
  • Pokemon Ranger – Another game we didn’t get much information on, in this DS game you are one of the Pokemon rangers seen so often in the games and TV show. Pokemon rangers are more like friends to the Pokemon, and they have a completely different, stylus-driven way to catch them. More on this as it becomes available.
  • Star Fox DS – Murmurs of this game only recently appeared, but we now know that Star Fox DS looks to be a return to the series’ roots, though with a DS twist, of course. Like the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, also for the DS, players will plan out their routes ahead of time on the DS touch screen, then take on opponents and take over bases as they fly along it. The game will also feature a multiplayer aspect, with up to eight players through Local Area Connection and four through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Tenchu: Dark Secret – After Princess Shizu is almost assassinated, a group of ninja who happen upon her vow their lives to protect here. Using a variety of weaponry and some touch control, players will test their cunning and skill both online and off!
  • Yoshi’s Island 2 – As a mysterious floating island appears over Yoshi Island, children suddenly vanish from school, with only Baby Mario, Baby Donkey Kong and Baby Peach are left. Using the powers that each one lends to you when they ride, players will venture out to discover the mystery of the island and of the missing kids.

As E3 continues, we’ll be sure to have extended coverage, including the latest info, screenshots and videos. So be sure to check back at VGGEN often!

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