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Nintendo DS Lite Dated and Priced
Not as early as we might have hoped, but the price isn
By Andrew Joy 05/04/2006 08:41:01 PST

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Nintendo DS Lite

In a somewhat surprising announcement - as I think we all were expecting an announcement at E3 (I guess they want that to be all about the Wii) - Nintendo has finally revealed some key information about the U.S. launch of the DS Lite, the sleek redesign of their two-screened handheld.

The Nintendo DS Lite is 42% smaller and 21% lighter than the original DS and has four different screen brightness settings. Due to its smaller, more stylish shape, it features an adjusted layout and a slightly larger stylus. And, when it first came out in Japan, it came in three different colors (though, at the speed and price at which these things were sold, you would think they were made of solid gold): Crystal White, Ice Blue and Enamel Navy.

For it’s U.S. release, only the Crystal White (now called Polar White) variation has been announced so far. The system is set for a June 11th release, which is a little later than some, myself included, had originally predicted (as most were hoping for a nice New Super Mario Bros. launch bundle – though it is still a possibility), but it should retail for just $129.99 (USD), the current price of the original Nintendo DS.

As always, check back at VGGEN for the latest news on the Nintendo DS Lite, including any further announcements on alternate colors and bundles.

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